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Mfg. Process

Viscose Staple Fibre

  • The basic process of creating Rayon is treating and dissolving cellulose in a soda solution and passing it through tiny holes into a chemical bath which forms the fibres. The type of Rayon produced is named by the process which was used to produce it. Viscose is one of the earliest and most commonly used production method today. It makes up the majority of Rayon used in clothing textiles.

Viscose Filament Yarn

  • Rayon grade pulp is steeped in caustic soda.
  • Excess lye is drained in slurry presses to obtain alkali cellulose.
  • Alkali cellulose is reacted with sulphite then dissolved in dilute caustic soda to give Viscose which is de-aerated, filtered and ripened before extrusion into a spinning bath containing sulphuric acid and a special additives.
  • Cellulose is regenerated in the form of fine filaments and sodium sulphate is processed with the liberation of carbon di-sulphide.
  • The filaments are grouped together & wound on cones / bobbins to produce yarns of required deniers.

Click here for Flowchart Diagram of Viscose Rayon.


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